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MV Derby Standings: 74th Annual Derby

Daily Winners for 10/16/2019
Badge # Name Fish # Weight Award
All Tackle Boat Bonito
2656 Norman Bouchard 10906   4.41 lbs. 3
All Tackle Shore Bonito
0946 Wil Sideman 10905   5.58 lbs. 1

Mystery Prize Winners for 10/16/2019
Category Badge Id Name
Bonito 2656 Norman Bouchard
Luck Of The Draw 0021 Leah M. Fraumeni
Luck Of The Draw 0823 Lucas L. Landers
Luck Of The Draw 1716 Rich J. Burman
Luck Of The Draw 3242 Kenneth H. Chaffee
Luck Of The Draw 3305 Steve H. Harvey

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