Good, Lucky and Hard Fishermen Win Top Prizes in the 54th Derby (Part 3)

By Nelson Sigelman

First Time is the Charm
"Ready?" asked Ed Jerome, longtime derby president, as he held up a small box so that one by one the seven fishermen could pick a slip of paper with a number from one to eight that determined where they stood. With two winning fish Dave picked twice, number one and number eight, giving him the first and the last place spot. Then they each picked a small brass key from a wooden box. As Ed held the lock by the podium microphone for Dave, the first person in line, he said, "He gets to do the first one and he has to wait till the end to do the last one."

"Maybe," said Dave optimistically.

The boisterous shouts of "c'mon Dave" stopped. The room grew quiet as Dave gave Ed his key and he inserted it into the lock.


The room erupted in one unanimous shout. Stunned for a moment, Dave jumped with joy and mimed hitting a home run out of the park. Invited to the podium to say a few words, Dave said, "Everybody who enters this derby should be lucky because I feel honored and privileged to be a part of it. This is my 11th year and obviously so far my best one." Thanking all of the committee and weigh station staff people he added, "Without them this would be nothing."