Official Derby Rules


All Tackle
1-100Derby Committee
101-500Larry's Tackle Shop - Edgartown
501-1100Dick's Bait & Tackle - Oak Bluffs
1101-1800Coop's Bait & Tackle - Edgartown
1801-1850Menemsha Texaco - Chilmark
1851-1900Derby Headquarters - Edgartown
1901-2100Lil' Larry's (Formerly Porky's Bait and Tackle) - Edgartown
2101-2300Larry's Tackle Shop - Edgartown
2301-2500Menemsha Texaco - Chilmark
2501-2800Dick's Bait & Tackle - Oak Bluffs
2801-3000Keep it Reel Kayak & Tackle - Oak Bluffs
3001-3200Dick's Bait & Tackle - Oak Bluffs
3201-3400Derby Headquarters - Edgartown
3401-3600Larry's Tackle Shop - Edgartown
4001-4125Larry's Tackle Shop - Edgartown
4126-4200Dick's Bait & Tackle - Oak Bluffs
4201-4325Coop's Bait & Tackle - Edgartown
4326-4350Menemsha Texaco
4351-4425Lil' Larry's (Formerly Porky's Bait and Tackle) - Edgartown
4426-4450Keep it Reel Kayak and Tackle - Oak Bluffs
4451-4500Derby Headquarters - Edgartown

Should the commercial Bass season extend into the Derby, certain restrictions will apply. These restrictions will be posted at Derby Headquarters.