Official Derby Rules

First, second, third and fourth prizes will be awarded on a daily basis for each species, division and category, except False Albacore (Little Tunny).During the run of the Derby an angler may win only one first, one second, one third and one fourth daily prize for each species, category and division. If an angler qualifies for a prize he has already won, he/she will be awarded the highest prize for which he/she is eligible. Other winners that day, in order of their eligibility, will be adjusted to receive prizes left vacant.

  • A Hat Trick will be awarded to an angler who wins first, second, third, and fourth Daily Prizes in a category. A special pin will be awarded for this achievement. 1 per person, per species.

Weekly awards will be given to the largest fish in each category of each division and species, including False Albacore (Little Tunny), for each week of the Derby. The weeks end after the last weigh-in on each of the following days: (Saturday, September 15; Saturday, September 22; Saturday, September 29; Saturday, October 6; Saturday, October 13).

At the end of the Derby, overall prizes will be awarded for the three largest fish in each category of each division and species, including False Albacore (Little Tunny).The largest fish of each species from boat and shore, regardless of division, will also be awarded the Grand Leader Prize for the category and species. Winners of the species grand prizes will also receive their divisional grand prizes.

This category is open to all divisions. There will be separate awards for All Tackle and Fly rod Divisions. At the end of the Derby, first, second and third awards, both boat and shore, in both divisions, will be made to the angler who weighs-in the heaviest aggregate (total weight) of the four species of fish in the tournament – Stripe Bass, Bluefish, Bonito and False Albacore. Anglers who achieve a Grand Slam will be awarded a special pin.

Awarded to the individual who wins the highest number of Daily pins in the All Tackle Division by the close of the Derby. Separate awards for Boat and Shore categories, Junior and Mini Junior Divisions.

False Albacore (Little Tunny) are eligible for weekly, overall, grand and grand slam awards. They are not eligible for daily awards. False Albacore length limit is 25”.

  • There is a bag limit for False Albacore. Only three False Albacore are allowed per registration during the Derby. This includes any False Albacore presented to the Weigh- Master, even fish under 25”.

The first registered fish wins.

Grand prize winners are responsible for all applicable taxes and fees.

Prizes not claimed from the Derby Chairperson, including grand prizes, by December 31, will be forfeited.