Official Derby Rules

Each contestant expressly agrees that he/she shall have no right or standing to contest any action of the Derby Committee, or otherwise make any claim against the Committee in any court of law or other forum. Each contestant entering the Derby does so at his own risk. The Committee’s decisions are definitive and final.

Grievances must be presented, in writing and signed, to The Weigh-Master and/or to the Committee within 48 hours. The Committee will investigate all grievances and reserves the right to call witnesses, to question them and all parties involved, and if considered necessary, to have any or all involved parties submit a polygraph test.

The Committee may disqualify from the Derby (or any portion thereof) and/or from any or all future Derbies, any person or persons who falsify information, violate the Derby Rules, act in an unsportsmanlike manner, or falsely testify for or against any person.