A Message from the Derby President

Derby Committee Officers

Welcome to the seventy second Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby. In 1946, the Derby was created as the Martha's Vineyard Bass Derby, but as the number of bluefish increased in our Island's waters, the then Derby Committee, wisely added bluefish to the tournament's name. It was the 9th Derby and equal daily prizes for stripers and bluefish were awarded for the first time.

Since then much has changed. The Derby has withstood economic down turns that have impacted our number of participants, rule changes, changes in sponsors and in 1954, two back to back hurricanes named Carol and Edna that threatened the very existence of future Derbies.

This Derby is no different. The Committee reviewed and adjusted our tournament rules, secured new sponsors and is embarking on technological adjustments to how we operate registrations. The Committee is always looking ahead to improve the Derby. This year, special thanks go to the Dobias Family of Cape Codder Boats and the Clay Family Dealerships, our grand sponsors.

Although, all of our committee members do a great job with their assigned responsibilities, the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and President are essential to the operation of the tournament. We have been very fortunate that John Custer, Principal of the Tisbury School, has assumed the Chairmanship role for 11 of the last 15 years. He has done an outstanding job, but plans to retire as Chairman at the end of this Derby. We are very grateful for the exceptional effort John has made to the success of the Derby.

Our best to you all for a safe and successful Derby.


Ed Jerome
President, Derby Committee