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Roberto Germani Memorial Competitive Catch & Release Awards

New for 2019, the Derby is pleased to introduce a competitive catch and release option for Derby participants. Please familiarize yourself with the rules and note that fish entered must be done-so using this online entry form. Eight first place winners (by length) will be awarded plaques October 20th. One award per species, flyrod and all-tackle. Results will be posted weekly.

Rules: Open to registered 2019 Derby anglers. Derby rules apply. No merchandise/cash awards. Fish entered must meet Derby minimum lengths. Fish must be caught, measured, promptly released alive, and entered online within 14 hours. Paper or incomplete/inaccurate forms not accepted. Measure fish length straight (not over the curve of the fish) from nose to tip of tail, rounded to the nearest inch (EG: a 30.3 inch bluefish = 30 inches. A 30.5+ inch bluefish = 31 inches). Length ties go to first fish entered. Photos not required (honor system). Multiple entries allowed. Catch and release fish entered not eligible for daily, weekly, mystery, or general Derby awards/prizes. Questions? Email:

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Length in inches, rounded to nearest inch. Half-inch measurements round up.