Derby Leaders
75th Derby (2020)
Bluefish - Boat Christopher P. Belezos
17.86 lbs.
Bluefish - Shore Peter C. Shepardson
12.98 lbs.
Bonito - Boat Greg G. Clark
12.34 lbs.
Bonito - Shore John Thurgood
10.48 lbs.
Albacore - Boat Stephen W. Luce
11.40 lbs.
Albacore - Shore Rudy S. Sanfilippo
13.70 lbs.
Total Weigh-ins
Species Count Weight
Albacore 433 3,633 lbs.
   Boat 250 2,096 lbs.
   Shore 183 1,536 lbs.
Bluefish 614 4,405 lbs.
   Boat 399 3,121 lbs.
   Shore 215 1,283 lbs.
Bonito 394 2,378 lbs.
   Boat 317 1,971 lbs.
   Shore 77 407 lbs.
Island of Martha's Vineyard

2021 76th Derby Dates:
Sun September 12 - Sat October 16

Come to the Vineyard and fish The Derby! For 75 years, "The Derby" has been a time to renew friendships, share a hot cup of coffee and create memories that fuel the winters exaggerated fish tales. It is a time when all can refocus on the natural beauty of this Island sanctuary. Come and be part of 75th years of great fishing, rich history, meeting new friends, generous sponsor support, and beautiful sunrises and sunsets! Derby HQ/Weigh-In Hours: 8:00 - 10:00 AM and PM, Daily. Dock St. Edgartown.

Latest Derby News:

Posted January 5, 2021


Posted October 29, 2020

Watch the 2020 Awards Ceremony Here
2020 Special Awards:
Thomas McCauley Memorial (Badge #204) Award: Ken Clark             
MV Surfcasters Sportsmanship Award: Lisa Belcastro
Beaulieu/Loud Memorial Award: Wells Lowry and family
Robert “Huff” Langley Award: Chris Royal
Cutler Bike Shop Award: (boat) Elizabeth Thompson; (shore) Grey Graham
David Furino Memorial Award: Mark and Paul Mooradian
Jared Fisher Memorial Award: Westley Wlodyka
“Bonito” Ed LePore Memorial Award:  Zacahry Horrocks
Walter Morrison Memorial Award:   Bailen Darack
Roberto Germani Competitive Catch & Release Award: FLY albacore: Steph Pond. AT albacore: Justin Cooper, AT bonito: Andrew Jacobs, AT bluefish: Joe Mikos
Madison Alwardt Memorial (bluefish): Boat – Lee Welch; Shore – Peter Shepardson
Arnold Spofford Memorial (bonito): Boat – Mark Grandfield; Shore – Bob Dunn
Howie Leonard Memorial (false albacore): Boat – Terry Horrocks; Shore – Paul Cormier  
Wayne Jackson Memorial Award: Aubrey Warburton
Abe Williams Memorial Award: Mark Lewis
Albert Angelone Memorial Award: Dylan Cafferty
Bob “Hawkeye” Jacobs Memorial Award: Team Fish Whistle (Casey Elliston, Evan Hammond)

Posted October 29, 2020

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