Derby Leaders
73rd Derby (2018)
Bluefish - Boat David C. Kadison
18.49 lbs.
Bluefish - Shore Paul T. Hoffman
13.08 lbs.
Bass - Boat Stephen J. Pietruska
39.20 lbs.
Bass - Shore Ollie P. Becker
37.69 lbs.
Bonito - Boat Raymond Cabot
11.75 lbs.
Bonito - Shore Stephen K. Sawyer, Jr.
6.76 lbs.
Albacore - Boat Gary R. Look
15.75 lbs.
Albacore - Shore Ken W. Zaiatz
12.85 lbs.
Total Weigh-ins
Species Count Weight
Albacore 329 2,772 lbs.
   Boat 151 1,239 lbs.
   Shore 178 1,533 lbs.
Bass 361 5,848 lbs.
   Boat 171 2,852 lbs.
   Shore 190 2,996 lbs.
Bluefish 445 3,495 lbs.
   Boat 292 2,603 lbs.
   Shore 153 892 lbs.
Bonito 271 1,474 lbs.
   Boat 202 1,185 lbs.
   Shore 69 289 lbs.
Island of Martha's Vineyard

2019 74th Derby Dates:
Sun September 15 - Sat October 19

Come to the Vineyard and fish The Derby! For nearly 75 years, "The Derby" has been a time to renew friendships, share a hot cup of coffee and create memories that fuel the winters exaggerated fish tales. It is a time when all can refocus on the natural beauty of this Island sanctuary. Come and be part of almost eight decades of great fishing, a rich history, meeting new friends, generous sponsor support, and beautiful sunrises and sunsets! Remember, Derby registration is open at all Island tackle shops and Derby HQ throughout the Derby!

Latest Derby News


Posted January 19th, 2019


The Derby is one of the largest, oldest, and most prestigious fishing tournaments in the US - a New England Fall Classic since 1946! Featuring 3500+ Anglers, Boat, Shore, Flyrod, Junior, Senior Divisions, Daily, Weekly, and Overall Prizes and 5 Weeks of Great Fishing! We accept Product-Only Sponsorships and are a Registered 501(C)3 Non-Profit.

We offer excellent NE Saltwater market exposure. To involve your business, please reach out to

Posted January 19th, 2019

Derby prints for sale

The Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby is pleased to offer you an opportunity to purchase two limited-edition giclée prints by Martha's Vineyard artist Jeanne Staples. All proceeds from the sale will benefit the Derby Scholarship program. The original oil paintings have been reproduced in two sizes and are unframed. Call . $150 for a small print (17x14), $275 for large (25x21). For further information or to purchase: Call Maryanne at 508 627-8510. LINK


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