Derby Leaders
72nd Derby (2017)
Bluefish - Boat Mason Warburton
18.81 lbs.
Bluefish - Shore Robert Bottary
16.70 lbs.
Bass - Boat Stephen B. Hansel
51.05 lbs.
Bass - Shore John C. Stasiuk
29.61 lbs.
Bonito - Boat Steve J. Baccelli
10.80 lbs.
Bonito - Shore Mark Campos
8.57 lbs.
Albacore - Boat Trish Lyman
12.23 lbs.
Albacore - Shore Casey Elliston
12.56 lbs.
Total Weigh-ins
Species Count Weight
Albacore 460 3,888 lbs.
   Boat 225 1,887 lbs.
   Shore 235 2,001 lbs.
Bass 325 5,724 lbs.
   Boat 172 3,146 lbs.
   Shore 153 2,579 lbs.
Bluefish 663 5,288 lbs.
   Boat 443 4,004 lbs.
   Shore 220 1,284 lbs.
Bonito 261 1,408 lbs.
   Boat 175 1,031 lbs.
   Shore 86 377 lbs.
Island of Martha's Vineyard

2018 73rd Derby Dates:
Sun September 9 - Sat October 13

Come to the Vineyard and fish The Derby! For over 70 years, "The Derby" has been a time to renew friendships, share a cup of coffee and create memories that fuel the winters exaggerated fishing stories. It is a time when all are able to refocus on the natural beauty of this island sanctuary. Be a part of seven decades of great fishing, history, new friends, generous sponsor support, and lasting memories! Remember, Derby registration is open at Island tackle shops throughout the Derby!

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Posted October 27, 2017


Derby Starts: Sunday September 9

Kids Day Sunday Sept 16

Derby Ends Saturday October 13

Final Awards Ceremony Sunday October 14

Posted October 17, 2017


Top Rod: All-Tackle Boat – Norman Bouchard, All-Tackle Shore – Tim Scott, Junior Boat – Volkert Kleeman, Junior Shore – Ryan Harding, Mini Jr Boat – Aubrey Warburton, Mini Jr Shore – Beckett Sheran

Thomas McCauley Award: Andrew Scheriff

MV Surfcasters Sportsmanship Award: Peter Johnson

Beaulieu/Loud Memorial Award: Chris, Ryan, and Shane Harding

Robert “Huff” Langley Award: Josh Kresel

Cutler Bike Shop Award: (boat) Tegan Fenner, (shore) Jack O’Connell

David Furino Memorial Award: Tom and John Rapone

Roberto Germani Catch & Release Award:  FLY: albacore: David Nash, bonito: Charlie Harner, bluefish: Michael C. Vaughn, bass: Tim Sheran

Roberto Germani Catch & Release Award:  SPIN: albacore: Cameron Maciel, bonito: Volkert Kleeman, bluefish: Luke El-Deiry, bass: Rich Mann

Madison Alwardt Memorial: Boat: Peter L. Jackson, Shore: Bruce W. Herdman

Ray Metcalf Memorial: Boat: Philip Stanton, Shore: Ron Domurat


Arnold Spofford Memorial  Boat Andy A. Goldman, Shore Mary Ann Angelone


Howie Leonard Memorial Boat: Floyd C. Norton, Shore: Kathi M. Pogoda

The Wayne Jackson Memorial Award For the heaviest fish caught by a junior: Aubrey Warburton

The Victor Danberg Trophies For the heaviest bluefish caught by a junior boy and girl: Mason Warburton, Jocie L. Smith

The George H. Pye Award For the heaviest shore bluefish caught by a resident Ron Domurat and non-resident senior Bruce W. Herdman

The James P. Catlow Memorial Award For the heaviest shore bluefish caught by a male resident: Ben T. Ciciora

The Thomas Nessa Memorial Award Awarded to the individual who weighs the heaviest striped bass on the first day of the tournament: John C. Stasiuk

The Bill Ashak Memorial Award Largest shore bass caught by a junior: Jake Scott

The Abe Williams Memorial Award Awarded to the first all-tackle angler to record a shore Grand Slam: Alexander O. Bettencourt

The Albert Angelone Memorial Award Awarded to the first Junior angler to weigh in a bonito: Wyatt O. Nicholson

The Bob "Hawkeye" Jacobs Award Awarded to the first team to weigh-in a shore grand slam White Caps (Alexander Bettencourt, Luke Bettencourt)


Posted October 16, 2017


Here are your 2017 #catchandrelease PHOTO WINNERS. 1) Jim Wareing took this at Quansoo of his daughter Leah. We thought it captured so much of what makes the Derby special 2) Tim Scott took this perfectly framed picture of a bonito release.  We had over 50 submissions this year and thank EVERYONE who submitted a photo. Runner-ups are posted on our Facebook page.

Posted October 16, 2017


Thank you for another great Derby! We broke the all-time participation record, with 3382 anglers participating in 2017! Thank you sponsors, staff, volunteers, supporters and all who makes this such a special community event. 
Bluefish - Boat Mason Warburton 18.81 lbs.
Bluefish - Shore Robert Bottary 16.70 lbs.
Bass - Boat Stephen B. Hansel 51.05 lbs.
Bass - Shore (CAPE CODDER 19 WINNER) John C. Stasiuk 29.61 lbs.
Bonito - Boat Steve J. Baccelli 10.80 lbs.
Bonito - Shore Mark Campos 8.57 lbs.
Albacore - Boat (CLAY SUBARU WINNER) Trish Lyman 12.23 lbs.
Albacore - Shore Casey Elliston 12.56 lbs.

Posted October 10, 2017


Friday Oct 13th 5:30 PM Costa Angler's Reception 5:30 PM Port Hunter in Edgartown. Free schwag, cold beers, tall tales.
Saturday Oct 14th 8:00 - 10:00 PM Final Weigh In (2017 Derby ends 10:00 PM). Derby HQ. Come see the leaders sweat it out and hear the final bell!
Sunday Oct 15th Final Awards Ceremony. 1:00 PM Farm Neck Golf Club. FREE and open to all. Participate in the raffle and silent auction to benefit our charitable efforts. Doors open 12:00 Noon.

Posted October 8, 2017


Yesterday, October 7th, Stephen Hansel weighed in a 51+ boat bass, Mark Campos weighed in a new 8.5+ pound grand leader shore bonito and Trish Lyman closed out the day with a 12+ pound new boat leading false albacore!

Posted September 18, 2017


Catch & release a derby-qualifying fish? Fill out a release slip at Derby HQ! Thanks to generous sponsor support, the Roberto Germani C&R Award has been expanded from 1 to 8 prize bags (all-tackle and flyrod x 4 species). Winners drawn from entries October 15.

Also, there is a C&R photo contest (any size fish). Winner announced October 15. Send in your release pics to:

Posted September 13, 2017

DERBY SNAPSHOT: Heavy Metal AlbieS

By Joe Houston.


Posted September 12, 2017


1) Albies: A number of short false albacore have been brought in. Please know the rules. Albies MUST BE 25 INCHES. Carry a tape and know that all fish shrink a little after being caught. There is a 3-fish albie limit per badge, per derby. Short fish count. Please release all fish you do not intend to weigh in QUICKLY, by shooting them into the water, like a dart, headfirst.

2) Chappy Access Via Norton Point; The TTOR reports that over sand Chappy access cannot be depended on and closures can happen at anytime, even on an hourly bass, due to shifting sands/tides. This is for safety. The ONLY dependable access to Chappy is the ferry, running 6:45 AM to Midnight, daily.


Posted September 10, 2017

cape codder boats added as new grand  prize sponsor!

Cape Codder Boats joins the Derby family in 2017 as a new Grand Prize sponsor! Along with long-time sponsors The Clay Family (who have donated a new Subaru Crosstrek), the Dobias Family hand-built and has provided a new Cape Codder 19, with a 90hp Tohatsu outboard and trailer.


Posted September 10, 2017


The Derby Committee continually strives to strengthen the Derby. While anglers are responsible for knowing and following ALL Derby Rules, here are a few specific rules to remember:

  • A Competitor must be registered in the Derby BEFORE commencing to fish.
  • Derby anglers must hook, fight and land the fish without the aid of any other person except that another person may grasp the leader in order to gaff or net the fish. This includes another angler touching the rod, reel or line after the fish has been hooked. This applies to all anglers, including both Mini Juniors and Juniors.
  • Mystery Prizes are awarded through luck of the draw to anyone registered in the Derby. No fish needs to be weighed in to be eligible for a Mystery Prize. 
  • In the Team Competition, just four eligible fish (one of each species) count towards a Team's total.
  • For boat fishermen, caught fish may not leave Derby boundaries - even for purposes of refueling at adjacent harbors.

For all rules, click here.

Posted by wkerr at 07:39 PM


Posted September 10, 2017

2017 Derby Dates

Derby starts on Sunday, September 10 (12:01 am)

Derby ends on Saturday, October 14 (10:00 pm)

Awards Ceremony on Sunday, October 15

Kids Day on Sunday, September 17

Bluefish Saturday – September 16

False albacore Saturday – September 23

Striped bass Saturday – September 30

Bonito Saturday – October 7