Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby
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73rd Derby (2018)
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Island of Martha's Vineyard

2018 73rd Derby Dates:
Sun September 9 - Sat October 13

Come to the Vineyard and fish The Derby! For over 70 years, "The Derby" has been a time to renew friendships, share a cup of coffee and create memories that fuel the winters exaggerated fishing stories. It is a time when all are able to refocus on the natural beauty of this island sanctuary. Be a part of seven decades of great fishing, history, new friends, generous sponsor support, and lasting memories! Remember, Derby registration is open at Island tackle shops throughout the Derby!

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Posted August 17, 2018


The Derby Committee continually strives to strengthen the Derby. While anglers are responsible for knowing and following ALL Derby Rules, here are a few specific rules to remember:

  • You must be registered in the Derby BEFORE commencing to fish.
  • New: Fish must we weighed in within 14 hours of being caught. For example, a fish caught at 7 AM must be weighed in by 9PM that evening.
  • You must hook, fight and land the fish without the aid of any other person except that another person may grasp the leader in order to help land the fish. This includes another angler touching the rod, reel or line after the fish has been hooked. This applies to all anglers, including both Mini Juniors and Juniors.
  • New: Mystery Prizes are awarded by chance daily to anglers weighing in a fish. 1 per day for bluefish, bass, bonito and flyrod. Plus, 1 mystery prize will be awarded per day to any angler in the Derby.
  • For boat fishermen, caught fish may not leave Derby boundaries - for any reason.

For all 2018 rules, click here.


Posted August 17, 2018