MV Derby Standings: 71st Annual Derby

Super Saturday Winners
Division Name Weight
Saturday, 9/17/2016  |  Bluefish
Boat David W. Brayton   16.54 lbs.
Shore Tim K. Peters   12.45 lbs.
Saturday, 9/24/2016  |  False Albacore
Boat John Ready   9.31 lbs.
Shore Kenneth Poudrier   8.75 lbs.
Saturday, 10/1/2016  |  Striped Bass
Boat Stephen J. Pietruska   24.86 lbs.
Shore Ronald Meza   16.71 lbs.
Saturday, 10/8/2016  |  Bonito
Boat Bill N. Potter   8.02 lbs.
Shore  -    -  

* NOTE: Results for Super Saturday events are not real-time, and there may be some delay between weigh-in and updates to the results on this page.