Official Derby Rules

An individual may register only once in each division for which he/she is eligible.

ALL TACKLE DIVISION: $50.00 (Seniors $25.00)
The All Tackle Division is open to adults using any type of rod and reel including flyrod. Persons who have reached their 65th birthday on or before the opening day of the Derby will be registered as Seniors.

The Junior All-Tackle Division is open to persons who have not reached their 15th Birthday on the opening day of the Derby. Mini Juniors are 4-8 and Juniors age 9-14.There will be special Grand Awards for Mini Jr. Juniors may use any type of rod and reel including flyrod. Except where noted, the Junior Division will follow the rules of the All Tackle Division.
The M.V. Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby Committee strongly discourages parents from taking children out of school to go fishing. For many years we have had an unwritten rule that no student may fish during school hours. It is unsportmanlike to do so when all other students are attending school. We expect all parents to enforce this commitment to education and to good sportsmanship.

FLYROD DIVISION: $50.00 Adults $25.00 Juniors and Seniors
The Flyrod Division is open only to persons using flyrods. Flyrod Division competitors will be issued a separate Flyrod badge and number and will fish under the rules of this Derby. The official Derby rules specific to fly fishing consist of IGFA modified rules and are located on the Derby website at If a Flyrod competitor is also entered in one of the All Tackle Divisions, he/she may enter his/her fish as All Tackle. The decision to enter a fish in either division (but not both) must be announced to the Weigh-Master PRIOR TO THE WEIGHING OF THAT FISH. That fish is then eligible for the Grand and Grand Slam Awards, regardless of the division it is entered in. Juniors fishing in the Flyrod Division will be considered as adults.

Payment of Entry Fees may be by cash or personal check. There will be a $25.00 service charge for returned checks which, along with the Entry Fee must be paid in cash. Failure to do so will disqualify the entrant from further participation in the Derby and forfeiture of any prizes.