Derby Leaders
71st Derby (2016)
Bluefish - Boat Ed Amaral
17.83 lbs.
Bluefish - Shore Evan Hammond
15.11 lbs.
Bass - Boat Nils Leaf
30.51 lbs.
Bass - Shore James C. Cornwell, Jr.
28.58 lbs.
Bonito - Boat Tommy S. Reynolds
9.78 lbs.
Bonito - Shore Michael D. Ludwig
5.66 lbs.
Albacore - Boat Townsend R. Morey
10.45 lbs.
Albacore - Shore Donald F. O'Shaughnessey, Jr
10.79 lbs.
Total Weigh-ins
Species Count Weight
Albacore 173 1,354 lbs.
   Boat 120 942 lbs.
   Shore 53 413 lbs.
Bass 167 2,821 lbs.
   Boat 80 1,378 lbs.
   Shore 87 1,443 lbs.
Bluefish 524 4,544 lbs.
   Boat 425 3,831 lbs.
   Shore 99 713 lbs.
Bonito 159 875 lbs.
   Boat 158 870 lbs.
   Shore 1 6 lbs.
Island of Martha's Vineyard

2016 71st Derby Dates:
Sun September 11 - Sat October 15

Come to the Vineyard and fish The Derby! For over 70 years, "The Derby" has been a time to renew friendships, share a cup of coffee and create memories that fuel the winters exaggerated fishing stories. It is a time when all are able to refocus on the natural beauty of this island sanctuary. Be a part of seven decades of great fishing, history, new friends, generous sponsor support, and lasting memories! Remember, Derby registration is open at Island tackle shops throughout the Derby!

Latest News

September 26, 2016


Release a fish during the Derby and get a good photo? Email in your 2016 release photos to and a winner will be chosen Oct 15. Any size fish. #costa #whyknotfishing #cheekyfishing #thefishermanmagazine

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September 20, 2016

A reminder that the KAYAK CHALLENGE is on!

Catch a derby fish from a kayak? Simply indicate this at the time you weigh in your (boat) fish and you are entered! The heaviest of each species caught from a kayak during the 2016 Derby get a 1:4 chance at a new loaded motorized kayak grand prize October 16!!! The Bassyaks Grand Prize kayak is on display at Derby headquarters. All details are printed in the ad in the derby booklet, and posted at headquarters.

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September 12, 2016


The Derby has been in communication with the Aquinnah Chief of Police and the Selectmen regarding parking. The Committee has been notified that, for the duration of the Derby, the "resident only" requirement for parking has been lifted, for the West Basin/Lobsterville Beach/Menemsha Pond areas. Please be respectful and park sensibly and safely. The Derby Committee thanks the Chief and Selectmen for their understanding and support of the Derby.

NOTE: Derby anglers ticketed on Sunday the 11th, on the day of the Albie Blitz in Aquinnah will not have to pay the $50 fee if they turn them in to the Aquinnah Police Station with a thank you.

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6-8 AM
Oak Bluffs SSA Wharf
Kids 4-14
No Derby button needed. Bait provided. Fun! Prizes! Free!

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